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About Us

We've been in the business of weddings for over 10 years - can't believe how fast time flies when you're having fun! We started out as a modest hobby out of the basement, and we've evolved to a small-but-mighty team of designers who work tirelessly on our client's stationery to make sure it's perfect in every way.  

Our style is a blend of tradition and trend.  Something we typically tell people "a little bit of what you like, and a little bit of what Mom likes." We're etiquette mavens, grammar sticklers, and jacks(jackies?)-of-all-trades. 

We're all about the luxurious feel of good paper, the way the letters are pressed perfectly into the plane of the paper, the presentation factor that an envelope liner provides, the subtle addition of a perfectly painted edge, and the elegant accent that hand calligraphy adds to the whole package.

We want you to have a cohesive look that ties your invitations to your programs, to your flowers, to your bridesmaids' dresses, to the menus on the table. Yep, we know, we get, we love how it all goes together too...

We're here to help you create a memorable affair with our thoughtfully crafted stationery that reflects who you are as a couple.  Every element of our Collection is customizable to the colors of your wedding, so each combination of color that we create is truly unique! 

We invite you to grab a cup of coffee, browse our website, and be inspired.  We work with clients all over the world, but since we're based on the East Coast, we're in the studio Monday through Friday, 10am until 5pm EST.


The Staff at Paper Rock Scissors